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M-I 5.Per secution . T hree Years of MI 5 Pe rsecution Fax es


31/12/2007 10:31:47

Three Years of. "MI5 Persecution" Faxes

Ten Thousand. Faxes, and Still No Breakthrough

In the last three years I have. sent at least 5,301 faxes directly from my
computer, and 4,478 faxes. through Demons extremely useful TPC.INT service,
to politicians and the media, in the. subject of the "MI5
Persecution". This has obviously cost me quite a lot of. money, not to
mention time and effort.. The aim of all this communication has been to try
to put discussion of the "MI5 persecution" into the. public
arena;. unfortunately, this aim has not been achieved, yet.

This fax will be my. last transmission for the time being, since the summer
recess is almost upon us. Depending on. what the persecutors do between now
and the. autumn, I may or may not resume faxing later this year. In the
article dated 18/6/99 I said. Id stop the articles if MI5 left me
alone; but. they seem to have no fear of these articles, since they kept
pursuing me in Poland and. after my return to the UK. Again, if they leave
me alone this. summer then I wont have to resume the articles in the
autumn; but I. think its fairly obvious that MI5 have nothing better to do
with their time than. to go after me, and its almost pointless to make this
offer when I know they wont cease. harassing me.

TPC.INT. 1996, 1997, 1998.....

Three years ago I was living in Canada, and the only economic. way of
sending faxes to the. UK was through the international email-to-fax gateway
TPC.INT. This highly useful and totally free service. converts emails
(which may have Postscript-formatted. attachments) into faxes which it
delivers to. any number within the UK. Using the telephone book, I
constructed a computer database of M.P.s. fax numbers, and used this
database to deliver copies of the "FAQ -. frequently asked
questions" article which Id written. some time earlier.

This service is still operational,. but given that I have resided in London
for the last year, I do not need to use Demons service. when I can send
articles directly from. my own computer using its fax/modem, which is what
I have been doing. since 1998. However, instead of just sending the FAQ
article, Ive been composing articles on various. aspects of MI5s treatment
of me. Since their activities have been going. on for nine years now, and
there have been. various aspects to their actions; they have harassed me at
work, at. home, through the media, etc; I have so far not run out of things
to say, particularly since their. harassment of me is still ongoing, and I
have been able to. record the actual words used by their paid agents on my
minidisc-walkman. Since mid-March. 1999 I have been sending these articles
pretty much every. weekend.

Anyway, as mentioned above, I intend this. to be the final transmission
before the summer recess, and it would be nice not to have to. continue
these articles in the autumn. But thats something that depends. on them,
not me,. and their attitude is unfortunately clear.

Why. am I sending these articles?

Because I want the harassment to. stop. The cynical reader might think from
these articles that I "thrive on adversity". and would be lost without the
harassment to complain about; but that is not the case. In a. perfect world
I would like to return to work, in a. job unsullied by MI5s attempts to
ruin it; I would like to live in a. house which wasnt bugged, with my words
being repeated at me wherever I go; I. would like a normal life. I do not
particularly thrive. on adversity; I am beaten down by adversity; the
purpose of these faxes is to try to bring the whole. matter out into the
public arena, where the rights and. wrongs would be visible to all, and
once that were to happen, the adversity. might cease. I have had something
approaching a normal life a couple of times in the last nine. years, but
always, in the end, MI5 turn. up and ruin it. I just want these people out
of my life, permanently,. and the only way of doing that is to kick this
business into the. public arena, and shame MI5 so that they are incapable
of doing me further. damage.

Having said that, unfortunately it. seems fairly obvious by now that these
faxed articles are not going to achieve that aim. Some. of the recipients
know what I am saying is true; but they choose to stay quiet. - wisely,
because. if they were to admit the truth of these articles, then they would
bring. the wrath of MI5 down on their heads. Presumably most recipients do
not know these articles. are true; their reaction to me is the same as my
reaction to the other apparently deluded. people who have sent me email
after. reading my webpage to tell me it happened to them too; the reaction
being, "leave me alone, I dont want. to know". Its sad that many M.P.s have
given me this reaction, because my case genuinely. is different; I
genuinely am telling the truth,. and the harassment genuinely is happening
to me, and some recipients of this fax. know this to be true.

"Write. to your own M.P."

My. local M.P. is Mr Keith Hill, Labour-Streatham. He refuses to have
anything to do with me. He refuses to represent. me, he refuses to talk to
me, he has told me not to communicate with him. He has done. absolutely
nothing to help me, and. he has told me he will do absolutely nothing to
help. me.

Other M.P.s, recipients of these faxes, have for quite. some time been
telling me, "write to your own M.P.". On 23. March 1998, Paul Burstow
M.P. wrote to me; "Whilst I take the issues. that you raise seriously,
there is. a strict Parliamentary convention that one Member of Parliament
does not. take up anothers casework. Can I suggest that you write to your
own M.P. at the. House of Commons?" Hopefully the above paragraph will
make clear that I have. written to my own M.P. and he has proved unhelpful.

Other M.P.s have told me the same thing. On. 21 May 1998, John McFall
M.P. told me, "... there is a. parliamentary convention that M.P.s do not
take up cases of people not in their. constituency..... therefore can I
suggest that you write to your local M.P. who will be. better able to
assist you." And. on 8 June 1998, Michael Foster M.P. wrote to me that
"M.P.s. are inundated with unsolicited faxes .... M.P.s have a considerable
amount of constituent work to deal. with, thus other M.P.s constituents
cease. to be of concern in so far as they should have a voice and

Simon Hughes M.P. wrote to me on 5 November 1998, "There is. a strict
parliamentary. convention which states that I am not able to represent
individuals who are not constituents of mine. My. advice is that you find
out who your own Member. of Parliament is rather than circulating your
story to all M.P.s.". To my. suggestion that Keith Hill M.P. was doing
nothing to help me, George. Foulkes M.P. sent the following faxed
response; "If Keith Hill your own M.P. cannot. help no-one else in the
House of Commons. can." But it is clearly not a case of "cannot" help, but
"will not" help.. I have detailed in letters to Mr Hill specific ways in
which he could. help me, first of all by finding a lawyer to represent
me. It is Mr Hills job as a. Member of Parliament to represent his
constituents; if he chooses not to do. so, then it reflects badly on him.

Kate Hoey Sympathises, but says, "Write to your. own M.P."

Here is part of a. letter Ms Hoey sent to me on 15 June 1999.

I appreciate. that you have concerns about the persecution and harassment
that you feel you are experiencing but I note that your MP is. in fact
Keith Hill. There is a very strict Parliamentary code which. means that
M.P.s can only take. action on matters that relate to their own
constituents. I am aware that you are not. happy with the fact that you do
not feel Mr Hill will assist you but I am afraid that I cannot. take any
action. on your behalf.

Ms Hoey plainly belongs in the camp of people. who do not know about the
reality of. the "MI5 Persecution". She doubts its existence; "the
harassment you feel you are experiencing". She urges me. to see Mr Hills
assistance, as. have other M.P.s detailed above.

Really, the fact. that I am unable to obtain assistance from any other
M.P., if my own alleged "representative". Mr Hill chooses not to represent
me, is a very basic weakness in. the Parliamentary system. Beinggmainly
events at my former employers in Oxford during 1992, when. I was harassed
constantly by manager Steve Mitchell for most of 1992, and was. forced to
begin attending hospital as an outpatient as. a result. This harassment was
obviously of Mitchells. own volition, since I observed him harass similarly
another new. worker two years later; but it was also at MI5s instigation,
since they kept providing him with. words from my home life which he then
proceeded to abuse me with. Yet this is not the. only employment that MI5
have. destroyed; the MI5 persecution has lasted from the end of my student
days until the present time, during which I. have had three jobs, all of
which have been in various. ways destroyed by MI5s deliberate actions.

In March 1999 I decided. to try to force the issue once and for all. Ever
weekend for the last four. months, apart from two weeks when I was on
holiday, I have sent original articles. by fax directly from my computer to
Westminster politicians. Here is a summary of. the articles of the last
four. months;

How. to Identify the Persecutors

Their use. of Schizophrenia to discredit my claims
Comparing the MI5. Persecution with German "Final Solution"
MI5 are. Plainly Trying to Kill Me
MI5 Waste Taxpayer Millions on. Pointless Hate-Campaign
Four Years of "MI5 Persecution" Posts. on Internet Newsgroups
MI5 Agents are. Clinical Psychopaths
BBC Newscasters. Lior the Victims of MI5
MI5 Have. Systematically Destroyed My Life
Harassment through the. Radio

To my deep. worry these fourteen faxed articles have still not achieved the
objective of kicking the matter out into the. public arena and forcing an
admission either from the persecutors, or from those "in the. know", which
includes some. M.P.s.

I dont really know what. else to do to try to bring the "MI5
persecution" out into the. open. I would have expected that these weekly
faxed articles would have had. some effect, but the only result has been
M.P.s telling me to contact my. own representative Mr Hill who refuses to
talk to me.. I understand the convention that M.P.s deal with their own
constituents and not those. of other M.P.s, but there seems to be a gap in
the. process since it allows your own M.P. to refuse to deal with you, and
then you are totally denied any. representation at all.


The only conclusion. I can inform the readership of these articles of, is
that there is. no conclusion to this matter, yet! Three years of
intermittent articles, and. four months of faxes every weekend, have been
absorbed by some of the most powerful. people in the country, to no effect.

Whether these articles. continue in the Autumn is entirely up to the
"opposition". I offered them a cessation of complaints if they would. leave
me alone on holiday in June/July, and they went. right ahead and harassed
me anyway, on holiday and. after I returned to London. If MI5 cease their
activities now, then. I wont have to continue these faxes in the
autumn; but I suspect they wont cease, which. means youre in for more
articles. later this year. "There will be no conclusion."


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