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M'I.5 Persec ution , w hy won 't th e Britis h polic e do th eir job a nd pu t a stop to it?


01/01/2008 13:56:16

-= why won't the British. police do their job and put a stop to it? -=

The British police obviously do know what is taking place. Besides. my
interpretations of what individual. officers have said which forces that
conclusion, it would be inconceivable for them to be unaware of. something
on this. scale.

If they know, then they. will know that the abusers have broken laws in the
UK and abroad. Recently the UK introduced laws against electronic. spying
which carry a penalty of several years jail if. caught. If the police know
illegal harassment. is taking place, and do nothing about it, then they are
failing in. their responsibilities.

Last Easter (1995) I went into the. local police station in London and spoke
to an officer about the harassment against. me. But I couldn't provide
tangible evidence; what people said, in. many cases years ago, is beyond
proof, and without. something to support my statements I cannot expect a
police officer to take. the complaint seriously.

The current situation with regard to. the police is not one which allows a
breakthrough in. dealing with the problem. On the one hand, most individual
officers at a. local police station may not know about the ongoing assaults,
so a. complaint at that level will not yield results. Yet the police as an
organisation do know of the. harassment, and they must be aware that a
complaint has been made at a police station. So it is clearly their duty. to
take preventative action against the continuing molestation,. but because
the criminals are operating on behalf. of a state agency, the police are not
carrying out their. duty.