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NASA, why rob patents to Romano ?


23/09/2011 13:36:24

NASA, why rob patents to Romano ?

NASA, why the Bush government, in accord with Vatican Mafia, robbed the
Romano's patent named SPALIC ( www.spalic.com ), of the high air
purification also for the Space
Shuttle, which is in the intellectual ownership of Romano De Simone, after
killed his mather with secret drugs, and by using his stupid brother,
corrupted by the Vatican Cardinal Marcinkus from Chicago ?

NASA, did you use Israel Agents for these crimes ?

NASA, did you use the same 5 Jews well known for bombed WTC, for
robbing this patent ?

NASA, did you use also the Bildberg man, Mario Scaramella, friend of
Bush, for robbing this patent ?

NASA, please clean your morality !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!