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06/04/2013 20:09:10

Greetings , We have the muscle to fund projects from the range of us$1 Mill=
ion to us$500 Million without you going through the rigorous ways of gettin=
g funding for your projects, but we can not exceed us$50 million in a Trenc=
h. we are ready to re-strategize and proceed in funding your project.
I am open to discuss with you again on your potential business proposal you=
have in your possession. Anticipating your urgent and positive response. D=
irect your enquiries to my private mail: abdulhamzi@hotmail.com

If you need loan from this office, Provide the following below details. Bus=
iness plan, flexibility studies.

(1) Total Needed Amount
(2) Company Name and Present Address:
(3) Name of Chairman
(4) Skype ID.
(5) Phone number.

Allah Blessings.
E mail: abdulhamzi@hotmail.com

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